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I will add few thoughts in this page for visitors, mostly on current issues of India, world. This month it is about a farmer protest that is being held in India.

Today is the hundredth day of farmer’s protest! After trying to malign their images by BJP hoodlums the farmers are still on the street, under the scorching sun after freezing skies and icy rain. But that means nothing to our supreme leaders. They are too busy with West Bengal that is not even the least interested in them or their much exposed games. They are thumping all over the west Bengal for votes but they don’t have the time to sit down and talk with FARMERS, just to shake their memories the same folks they called ANNADATA [one who feeds] before vote and will again give them that title before next vote, that is quite far away, so now, for some time they can try to force them into submission and turn them into the slaves of industrialists.

Is this why they were elected? Majority of Indian job market is directly or indirectly connected to agriculture, if you harm its root [the farmers] you harm the entire tree. That much is for sure! Why such arrogance and blind ego from our supreme leaders? Why have they not revoked the bills already? Bill they passed without consent of opposition and bill that brought farmers out on the street from all over the country! So they indeed are our supreme leaders, right? They don’t care what public wants or says! They will do what they want to do. Hundreds of farmers have died during the protest caused by the extreme natural adversities or frustration caused by the threat of those bills, just like un-numbered, unsung migrant labourers have died before them but our supreme leaders care not! They serve rich folks poor Indians mean nothing to them. The message is crystal clear.

Otherwise the laws would have been revoked already.

Wake up Indians smell the coffee already!

Article date: 5.3.2021

Sneak Peek

Story one: The lunatic-

Scratching sound on her window woke her up. Mina opened her eyes, it was dark outside but she could see vaguely because of the streetlight. Someone was standing at the window, slowly running her finger on the glass, looking at her.

An old woman with disheveled hair and hungry eyes, she was staring at her like she wanted to devour Mina with her eyes!

She woke up in her bed with a bad taste in her mouth. Her husband was sleeping by her, like a baby. One arm wrapped around her waist. She gently freed herself and went downstairs for a cup of tea.

A strange feeling of gloom took over her whenever she dreamt about this old woman. Sometimes she will dream that she was stalking her in a deserted road, sometimes she would be in a strange place with strange people, people who seemed known to her then this woman will show up and they will disappear.

The story of a young woman and her nightmares, how they became real in most horrific way!

Story two: The old graveyard

She fell asleep thinking about the song and had a strange, scary dream. She was walking alone in a deserted road, it was dark and the streetlights were really faint, most probably hundred watt bulbs. Huge, bushy trees were on both sides of the road, softly shaking in the wind. They looked like ghosts or monsters standing there, watching her, about to pounce!

Suddenly she heard that song, this time louder and clearer, she followed it and soon was standing at the gate of a graveyard. The sound was coming from inside the cemetery. She opened the gate and entered it. Like a dreamer does without thinking about the consequences, then she started looking for the singer.

Story of a young girl in college, when she heard that song for the first time her very soul froze, as if a dark clammy hand from her past reached out and touched her unleashing stark horror.

More stories in the book!

Sneak Peek is a brand new book with brand new stories, the stories of this book has not been published before. Actually these were written for this book specially, I also decided to include it in Amazon’s pentopublish competition for fun. The stories are my favorite genre of course, spooky and mystery. Hope you will check them out and enjoy them!

Don’t forget to share your views after reading.

I will be waiting!

This is my blog’s homepage. It is used to showcase my works and plans to visitors in a capsule. You will have to follow the blog to read the blogs I post regularly. This page stays static, sometimes for years.

Well, just like any artist/writer I too humbly try to turn my creativity into the means of my self-dependence, so through the years after exhausting much-hyped venues that did not clicked for me I have picked up few of my own hoping for a miracle! That is quite impossible these days because there are more authors + artists than readers, connoisseurs! Still, hoping against hope I have created my own bookstores, have published quite a few books in Kindle, have published two of my titles and I have created a profile in Patreon too, in case a miracle happens and all of a sudden my world is over-flown by admirers of my writing and works! I will be so happy!

Here are the five books that my patrons will get each month for five dollars [January 2021 issues are shared here as gift]:

Click to access agnilipi-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnimalya-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnipat-january-2021.pdf

Click to access coming-kingdom-january-2021.pdf

Click to access sbpnb-january-2021.pdf

These are the Ezines that I have been publishing since 2016, they can be bought from shoptly and gumroad or directly from me via paypal [January 2021 issues are shared as gift].


Click to access agnijaat-magh-1427-january-2021.pdf

Click to access agnishatdal-magh-1427-january-2021.pdf

Wish me luck and pray for me that a miracle happens and I am showered with patrons!

Have a great day full of joy and laughter!
Lots of Love.

Sharmishtha Basu

You can check out pages in title tab if you want to know more about my blogs and books:

Addicted to reading and love encouraging writers, artists?

I was one of them when I was employed, I used to buy books and cassettes by dozens and books on painting, photography were my favorites. I could never have enough of them! Since becoming dependent I get my quota from blogs and YouTube. But if I start making my own living I will again start buying books and audios.

Are you in my league and wont mind spending a few dollars each month?

My patreon pledges are at your disposal in that case:

My profile there:

If you pledge $1 per month Agnilipi every month
If you pledge $2 per month Agnipat, Agnishatdal every month
If you pledge $3 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya every month
If you pledge $4 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush every month.
If you pledge $5 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush and glimpses of my upcoming books in form of another mini book every month.

There are two more pledges go to the profile and check them out from there if you are feeling interested.

Agnimalya contains stories
Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush contains you can guess fully illustrated works of any possible type I can create!
Coming Kingdom will share pieces of upcoming books.
Agnilipi will share my new passion, selected photos.
Agnipat will share few paintworks each month

Patreon 5- Agnilipi, Agnimalya, Agnipat, Coming Kingdom and SBPnB


Agnilipi will share a set of photography each month, they maybe versatile or one single topic. Do share your views after checking them out.

I am not a great photographer, let me tell you, just an amateur one armed with a point and shoot camera most of the time and am honing my skill on a DSLR lately but am far from getting satisfied with my handling it yet!


Agnimalya is a book of stories, some old stories and mostly new stories are included in it. The mood depends on the stories included- that is- they are unpredictable! I try to make them as versatile as possible and sometimes throw in some flash-fictions lavishly illustrated for you!

You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. But just as I said I try to add all genres but not in the same book, and I don’t really stick to one genre for one book mostly, maybe I will in future, but not at present. Most probably you will enjoy a dose of love in the February Issue or Durgapuja in autumn….


Agnipat will share a set of digital paintings each month, will decide each month the contents to be shared. If you like my clumsy paintings you will like this book.

Coming Kingdom

Coming kingdom at present is sharing stories of upcoming books, right now it is sharing stories from the books to be published (republished) in Amazon Kindle. Every month it will share few stories.

Check out the stories and share your views!


SBPnB is a book of illustrations mainly. As you can guess from the name the priority has been given to the illustrator inside me! I love to paint and this is the book through which I am sharing my paintings with you.

Sometimes you will get them with quotes, sometimes with poems or flash fictions. But whatever will be there the size of the words will be quite short, so that each post’s length is one page. Sometimes they may get longer but not necessarily!

There are more pledges, if I start getting patrons that will give more than $5 each month I will love to include them, right now I am waiting for a miracle that will give me 2 dozen $5 patrons 🙂 before 2021 is over. Be a part of that miracle!

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