Thursday Stories 23.10.14

“Do you think she will be impressed if you strut around like a crow that is eying a delicacy?” Raj asked. “If you are interested why dont you grow some dignity and simply talk with her. There is no reason to say I love you instantly, it can wait, you can simply gauge her feelings with dignity and if she is not interested, like she seems, just walk away? You are ticking her off!”

“She did talked with me once…” he said. “But I was with mom so I did not answered her, even though she repeated her question two or three times.” he gulped.

“I really dont think you love her, because with love comes respect and an eagerness to become a friend. You are showing all signs of lust, no love.” Raj shrugged, “I am out of it. Dont whine to me in future. If you cant befriend her, I may show you in future, how to win love. She is pretty!”

“I will kill you!” he hissed under his breath.

“Try!” Raj laughed.

thursday stories 3.4.14


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