Thursday Stories 27.11.14

She raised her hand and made the signal for lift. The vehicle stopped, headlights dimmed, a head came out of the window.

“You want lift?” a man asked.

She nodded her head.

The man opened the passenger side door she settled down beside him, throwing the rucksack in the backseat with his permission. The backseat was piled with all sorts of things, bags, blankets, boxes… a tiger could hide back there.

The man was a handsome fellow, with dark circle under his eyes. Seemed he worked late or was insomnic.

“What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere at this hour?” the man asked her, looking at the road, “if you dont mind me asking!”

“I am hitch-hiking from here to Nainital.” she answered.

“Don’t you think India is a little unsafe for women to hitch-hike.” he asked.

“Not if you are prepared!” she said. “I am a martial art expert.”

Two hands shot out of the backseat and grabbed her neck and pressed one place. She blacked out. When she came to she was lying on a hospital bed.

“You were left here by two young men, they said they discovered you lying on the road.” the nurse said. “you are lucky that they found you not some goon or thug or worse people!”

“What were you doing out there all alone at that hour by the way?” she asked.

thursday stories 3.4.14


5 thoughts on “Thursday Stories 27.11.14

    • yes, they just wanted to warn her that things are not always as they seem! Basically i fall amongst those people who dont provoke others to do things that I wont. I have done my share of dumbest things and am quite surprised that nothing happened! Now when i think about those days i become dead confident that i have God as my guardian!

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