Thursday stories 18.12.14

“OLD STORIES IN NEW JACKET”- I am planning my next book by mixing poems and stories (old mythology stories or famous stories)- the poems will mainly be my figment of imagination rhyming to the story, the story will be the actual one, rewritten by me, and I will add a painting or two too. Do you like the theme? How many stories do you think I will throw in in a ebook costing 5$????

Basabdatta was the court dancer, a woman famous for her beauty and skill. The king himself was one of her admirers. One day she was standing on her balcony when she saw budhdhist monk Upagupta and fell in love with this handsome man.

Every man in town craved for
a single smile
on her beautiful face
when she stepped out.
Her eyes fell on him,
the handsome man in robe,
begging from door to door.
“Invite him my sweet friend,
tell him to kindly be my guest.
She made her friend go to him,
the monk accepted the invitation,
but when she offered her heart, body
he politely refused.
When he saw her fury,
he solemnly promised he will be there,
when no one will care.
She turned away her face and ordered him to go.
Then catastrophe struck,
her beautiful body was invaded
by the deadly disease,
pox covered her body and her admirers flew,
they made her walk out of the town,
left her to die.
Late at night she felt a soft touch,
on her burning brow.
it was the monk.
“Come with me, the time has come!”

She gave up her profession as the court dancer and became a monk after recovering her health.

thursday stories 3.4.14


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