Merry Christmas! (Thursday Stories 25.12.14)

christsmas 2014

She stood watching kids, wearing new dresses, holding hands of their parents buying things. Those cakes looked so delicious in the showcase.

Her stomach growled. She looked at the family sitting on the pavement, no not on the ground, on the tables laid by the restaurant eating things that looked like heavenmade.

To add up their delicious smell reached her nostrills, making her hungry stomach growl louder.

Suddenly one of them turned and then whispered something to next one, they all looked at her, she took a step backwards expecting the waiter to shoo her away. He too looked at her but went inside in place of chasing her. He came out after a while and headed for her.

She was about to turn and run when she heard him calling, “hey! dont run!”

The man reached her and handed her over a plastic bag. “Dont send your friends!” he smiled.

She opened the bag it was half full with food packets and above them was a woollen shawl.

She looked at the table, they were gone.

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