A Bouquet of wild flowers


Some of my new books will be based on the comments/mails left by my readers after my last year’s books came out, one of them was keen to read poetry, the other one was looking for “cheaper” books by me. So the first one “A bouquet of wild flowers” is a collection of poems, only poems in black and white, no illustrations, I will try to keep it as cheap as possible.

It was published on 25th December, it is a book with poetry-only poetry, no illustrations of any kind, I have assigned it the lowest price that kindle select allows.

My blogs are filled with my poems and stories, so they will be here for you, as long as the blogs are around, but when it comes to publishing, they are my attempt of turning my passion into my vocation, my needs are few, but they do exist, so, I will try to keep the books as low price as possible. 😉

A Bouquet of Wild flowers



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