Thursday stories 22.1.15

tick tock tick tock the hypnotic, soothing sound of the clock was the only sound she could hear. It was so silent. She pulled the blanket to her nose and fell back to sleep.

When she woke up in the morning it was still silent. Now she started to feel a little uneasy. Usually honking of horns and loud voices of people on the road woke her up. What happened? Where are the people?

She went out to the balcony after a while, to see if there was a strike or maybe she has forgotten some holiday…

There she was… sitting on the balcony, right opposite hers, Mrs. Sen, frozen, so was the guard on the road below, the stray dog, the beggar, the car with its driver and passengers….

all she could hear in that unearthly silence was the ticking of her wall clock.

thursday stories 3.4.14


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