Days came and passed. The only visitor to her tower room was the king, he brought her food now.

Slowly he was dragging her down to hell, hardening her heart down to the ice cold place where his own was.

She was growing up, she realized one thing, to get out of the tower she will have to make the king believe that she loved him and was obedient to him.

She started working on that.

The king started to take her out with him.

Then a few years passed by.

Now they went their own ways for hunt but every night she had to return to the tower.

She could not kill the king, killing him meant her death, that is how it was in the world of vampires, if you kill the vampire who has made you one, or someone else kills him or her you and others turned by him follow his or destiny.

So they had to be quite protective of their masters. That is what they called them.

She started looking for her family. They were not in this kingdom. She started looking for breadcrumb trails that may lead her to them. But it was hard.

Had they been rich or famous someone might have been interested in keeping track, who cares about the family of a sweeper in rags?

Then destiny brought them to her.


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