Thursday stories 29.1.15

“What made you think that I will marry you?” Rishty turned away her face. “Dont forget your place!”

“Why did you led me on if you did not loved me?” he begged.

“Did I ever said I loved you?” she asked, her face all of a sudden looked evil to him, the face that looked so pretty a few years ago, when she started to show interest in him.

His life was perfect back then, he loved a girl, she loved him, then Rishty showed up and he slipped, he walked away from that girl, using similar pretexts, actually exactly same excuses. Suddenly her tear-filled eyes hovered in his mind.

“So all those things that you said.. they were all jokes?” was the only question she has asked before disappearing from his life.

He has brazenly laughed at her tears.

Now it was his turn.

thursday stories 3.4.14


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