The charons: the ferrymen to hell [by Sharmishtha Basu]

Thanks a million times my dear friend, God bless you!

The Call of Troythulu

snap26-11-14I’ve been following Ms. Sharmishtha Basu’s blogs and writings for some years now, and I’ve just finished reading this. It is perhaps the grimmest story I’ve read in a while. It’s dark realism is different in both style, outlook, and execution from the paranormal fiction she also writes. A story of life in India, it does not paint a pretty picture, but offers a warning, along with the discoveries and hard-fought lessons of the protagonist at the end. Trapped in a web of human darkness and deceit, she claws her way to the light, seeking the answers she needs. As the authoress herself says, this is the story that made her a writer, and one of my favorites as well.

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