Thursday Stories 2.4.15

She was standing on the balcony, he appeared, after days, perched on the water tank on the farther roof. She looked at him, he looked at her, first once then a couple of time. Then settled down.

She thanked God that the tiny Kubo bird has left a few minutes ago.

He gracefully dipped down from the water tank, she smiled inward, thinking the arrogant bird is gone but to her utter surprise he returned, this time settled down on the nearer tank and stayed there for quite some time, as if tantalizing her to pick up the camera but she ignored the urge and watched him instead, a beautiful falcon, his perfect wings and slender body.

She smiled inside when he finally left.

Maybe, next time he will allow a pic!

thursday stories 3.4.14


6 thoughts on “Thursday Stories 2.4.15

  1. Beautiful, but deadly. I admire them so much, but discourage them from my garden where so many smaller birds gather to feed and would be tempting targets for these magnificent predators.

    • exactly! that is why I too no longer want to see him, because that tiny kubo bird shares his preferred timing, he is always dangling from the pipe 🙂 I am glad that the hawk has found other perching spot 🙂

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