Thursday stories 30.4.15

“You see! The task is not easy but I have full confidence that you will be able to do it.” Madam said, “I have borrowed a lot of money from a bad man… he will kill me, if I get killed by him I will make sure that my racket is exposed too! You know what will happen after people realize that you are a hooker, you have been working for me for all these years….”

“But if you listen to me as a good girl, you will only be rewarded. There wont be any risk of anything bad.” she continued.

“From next month a woman will come and live in the ground floor. We have made arrangements, you will be able to see her in the television upstairs, everything… you will have to start mimicking her.”

“But madam…”

“That is why we have enrolled you in the acting class, you are going there every alternate day, think of it as your practical class, your steps to a life of luxury, wealth and eternal happiness!” madam said.

“you have no idea where it will lead you!”

part 2 of my next novella

thursday stories 3.4.14


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