Moments from the journey

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poem 1


Devil decided it’s high time
He has been sowing his seeds too long
Now he wanted to reap the harvest
He decided to take over the world.

He placed his most ardent admirers
In law, force, media and politics
All the men and women who sold
Their body, soul and dignity to him.

He captured the world using them
They acted like his eye, ear, hand and tongue.
Together they fooled everyone for long
Finally devil asked them to announce him God.

He wore a robe like Christ, placed a false crown
Proudly he sat on a glorious throne
His slaves clapping their hands again and again,
Suddenly the clapping stopped, a child spoke.

“He is not God! Look at his tail and horn!”

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10 thoughts on “Moments from the journey

    • I don’t believe in shortcuts that is why when I have to pray I pray to God that first make me worthy and then help me in getting it! I just don’t understand why people beg devil for something in the first place! any smart person will be afraid of such a power!

      • I love working, so since childhood I had this inclination towards having things I have worked for and deserve… I am quite old-fashioned about these things, I hope if I ever get something I don’t deserve (costly I mean like say a hundred million dollars of stolen money) I have the guts to refuse it! 😉 till date only temptations have been married men heh heh, they were instantly kicked out of my vicinity, I respect marriage and its values.

      • Indeed 🙂 I also respect marriage’s values. There is a case where my friend’s girlfriend gets jealous. So I reduce my interaction with that friend.

      • I too distance myself in such cases, I don’t like to ruin relationships, when I know two persons are in love why will I be the bad shadow there! I have made lot of men grumpy and angry that way but I don’t care, if I could go back I will do that again.

      • in India men think that they have right to stalk, drool over any woman they want to and they get really mean if you show them their place, they certainly do, in most cases.

        I am a straight-forward person I don’t flirt, don’t believe in flings and don’t allow others to do that too, most women enjoy drooling men, quite a hefty number profit from them and I am not one of them, will never be, and men down here (cheap ones) hate such women.

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