writing101- day 2- 7.4.15- a room with a view

Realm of Empress Musie

today’s stimulation was
imagine you are no longer a prisoner of speed and time, where will you be?

give a vivid detail, so vivid that the readers get sucked in.

if you want to join wordpress in this one month writing exercise go to writing101april2015.wordpress.com, I am a bit paranoid about sharing my password in too many places, so I took a step back from joining it fully, I will just share the stuffs with you.

One minute I was sitting in my room, hunching over the keyboard looking at the small ant like alphabets queuing up, one after the other, the next minute I was standing in a valley.

It was freezing cold because I was wearing my sleeveless gown, with noodle strap and by one look around I could guess where I was standing, the valley of flowers.

I have never seen so many colourful flowers in…

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