Thursday stories 7.5.15

“All I am asking you to change your name from Moyna to Jyoti.” She continued. “Then you will watch that woman in tv, see how she talks, behaves, I will make arrangements of other things, her phone calls will come to your phone, so will her smses, letters anything and everything!” madam cleared her throat. “All you will have to do is pretend that you are her, have you never played pretend you silly girl? As a child? Come on!”

She sat there silently, wondering if she would run away or just listen to her and see what happens. She knew running away will only land her in trouble, she has seen the condition of those who tried that in past, they hunt them down from remote villages where they try to hide and after that when they are done with that person …

“That girl may screw up everything Bindu.” she heard madam’s husband remarking.

“I know Dulal, but… you can see it too, the resemblance is too strong!” Bindu madam said, “I will try to make it click or else you know what will happen if bhai comes to know that we have made a fool of him!”

“Let me know when you need help!”

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