writing101april2015 – day 5 – 10.4.15 – be brief

Realm of Empress Musie

Today’s stimulation is

You found a letter on the street and its content moves you so much that you try to send it to the person who was to get it.


Write it in as few words as possible.


The young man held the letter in his shaking hands, his moist eyes told me that he wanted to say more than thank but his choking heart was forbidding him to speak.

I smiled and walked away, to hide my tears.

This was the last letter written to him by his mother, I discovered it lying on my porch, the postman dropped it there, the glue has given away so even though against my nature I opened the letter.

I searched him for six months, finally managed to get his new address, I know too many people will call me a fool but I just had to give it…

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