writing101april2015 day 20 aka final day 1.5.15

Realm of Empress Musie

Final day stimulation- write about your most prized possession.
Twist- at least 750 words post ( a twist for sure)

Most prized possession? Well, I believe my most prized possession is God, yeah, I believe we all possess God like God possesses us, because even if we are non believers God does not cares, because God knows that we are within God and God is inside us. So no matter what we think we are inseparable.

Oh yes, I too had my phases, when I hated God even was quite physically abusive, when my father passed away, when my dreams (fixation) of becoming a doctor was reduced to dust by two jerks- one a political extremist and the other a prime minister of India, but funny thing is when actual problem showed up in my life I was truly numb to everything including God, but that was the phase when…

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