Thursday Stories 21.5.15

“Dear Mr. Richards,

I am really sorry that I took your money, that I was supposed to use to help your friend Jyoti. I am trying to compensate, I will get her married to my nephew, he really loves her and she is a nice girl.

To ensure that this time I have kept my side of bargain I will invite you to their marriage. But give the lovebirds some time to decide.

I will do my bit to convince Jyoti.

Yours truly,

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9 thoughts on “Thursday Stories 21.5.15

    • Jyoti knows nothing about Moyna, so fooling her is easy, but Moyna who is pretending to be Jyoti … she does not have much of other choices right? How many people have the courage to admit truth and go to jail or live as a social pariah for the rest of their lives? Believe me or not in the years from 2000-2015 I have met at-least a few dozen Moynas in different ages, who will do anything to keep their true face hidden. Anything at all, believe me, before they showed up in my life I adored women and now I wont trust one with my back turned on her, no matter how old she is (unless of-course she is an infant or below two years old)- not because small girls are toxic but because they can be easily manipulated by evil adults, very easily.

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