Thursday Stories 4.6.15

Moyna shook her head, she hid a truth from Naina, could not dare to share it, she was falling in love with Raja, madam’s nephew.

She stood in front of the mirror, beside Naina, Naina was a stunner, a real beauty, like the fantasy stories of ancient India, voluptuous figure but chiseled perfectly, every limb was in place, fair colour with golden tinges, long, thick braids looked like black snakes when she moved around, not to tall, that was strict no no for Indian beauties, somewhere around five, doe eyes, red mouth and a killer smile.

Moyna was quite fair complexioned, unlike Bengali girls, but her features were not soft, sweet like Bengali girls, her voice was one of her greatest treasures, soft, sweet and very seductive.

Naina stole the show in the mirror but Moyna too was visible.

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