170×170 day 8 8.5.15

“He never loved her, there was some other motive behind his stalking, he was lying about his feelings to get sympathy from us.” Mehra said. “After being fooled by that crook for all these years I should resign. I don’t deserve to work as a cop.”

“There were so many tell-tale signs hubby darling.” His wife said. “First, when someone loves another person to that limit of obsession then no matter what he is he expresses it, after all, what exactly is the use of hounding someone in real sense and not letting that person know that you exist and want her?”

“That is what struck me my silly husband, the very instant you told me that he has destroyed her yet she neither gave in nor came to know about his sheer existence.”

“Yes…” Mehra said with a brooding face, “Actually I think his purpose was to destroy her or kill her, that is why he was stalking her, to do one of the things or both.”

“Good conclusion!”


for tagore- rabikare agnishatdal bengali and english poems together



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