Thursday Stories 18.6.15

Naina tried to pry her a bit more after she was done with her make-up and was helping Moyna with hers, madam has instructed her to do that. But Moyna kept her mouth shut and avoided her question, teasing.

“Teach her the ropes Naina, please! So that she could move around like high society girls for a week, when bhai will be here, he certainly will flitter around this time to ensure that I am returning his money….. boy I hope she will be able to save my neck!” was her request to which Naina has accepted, she might have refused it but she liked Moyna and knew it will help her in her own life too, when she is thrown back to her old Moyna self.

She hoped she will come out of it alive, she really did not trusted Bindu that much, after all who will? she has been running this business for decades without being caught, so Naina could guess her power and manipulative skills.

“See!” she looked at Moyna’s reflection in the mirror, “How better this colour looks on you? In place of the red you use mostly?”

Moyna nodded, even though she preferred the blood red lipstick, that looked so pretty but the one Naina has applied on her lips was not that bad!

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