Thursday Stories 2.7.15

“How was your evening?” Naina asked, brushing Moyna’s long hair, looking at her face in the mirror.

“Uh! He took me to a restaurant on Park Street…” she smiled, “Gave me this…” she pointed her finger at a leather purse.

“That is good looking!” she smiled, “Did he saved the bill for Bhai? I am quite sure he is keeping the restaurant bills too!”

“Jealous bitch!” Moyna thought.

“No… why will he? Maybe he likes me?” she said smiling a little, pitying her jealousy.

“Don’t you think he is too rich for you? He is rich, good looking, highly educated… his family will never accept you! He too will forget you the minute he fools Bhai.” Naina said calmly, feeling the direction the discussion was heading.

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