Thursday Stories 9.7.15

“We will have to get rid of Jyoti.” Bindu said. “Bhai can show up any day now, or send some of his people to skulk around.”

“I am thinking about that!” Dulal said. “But have you thought about one thing? That woman Jyoti lives like a hermit, what if Bhai’s spies see no one coming in or out of her house when she is around, especially on sundays and other holidays? When you cant send Moyna to play her role?”

“I never thought about that!” Bindu muttered.

“Maybe we will have to make arrangements for that… that she stays inside and invisible on holidays!” Dulal smiled, “I have lot of equipment for that purpose. That woman is allergic to lechers.”

“Love you hubs! You are the best!” Bindu pecked him on his cheek.

Next morning a small shop popped up right in front of Jyoti’s house, from which all the rooms of her flat were visible, the very next days thick curtains showed up at all the windows and doors and her time out in the balcony stopped.

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