joined linkedin now what?

join me in linkedin if you are there.

Realm of Empress Musie

Kevin my priceless friend @ insisted that I join linked in, after that I did a bit of googling and discovered “freelance writers” should join it, even though I think I am an Indie writer and am not really keen to sell my works to others for their fame, that is sell works not publish them with my own name so even though I am a bit confused about “Freelance writer and Indie author” I joined it.

There is one thing I will like to tell them after wasting an hour on that program they provide an “online test” for English and certify, the non audio portion is great but the AUDIO FILES ARE INAUDIBLE, when I play movies in my computer in full volume I have to stay prepared for the loud sounds and mute the audio, so my computer is right where it should be BUT I…

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