Thursday Stories 16.7.15

Jyoti (The original) was sitting in her room, chatting with a friend on internet, the doorbell rang, “It was her landlady, an elderly woman.

“Good morning auntie!” she smiled warmly. “Come in!”

“How are you child?” the old woman smiled back, “You wont come upstairs so I will have to come down here, dragging these old bones to meet you!”

“Sorry auntie!” Jyoti smiled apologetically, “There are so many things to do on sundays!”

“I know!” the old woman smiled, “That is why I came!”

the doorbell rang again, Jyoti went out, there were two young girls standing outside, “Is granny here?”

Her landlady came out before she could answer, “Come in!”

The girls entered the flat and they sat down.

“These are my grandkids from my cousin sister, Neha and Kiran.” the old woman smiled, “They work in a nearby kindergarten school, nursery teachers. They sometimes come and visit me!”

They left after an hour or so.

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