170×170 day 54 23.6.15

54 23.6.15

They often are the most insisting type, won’t let go an issue, a thing without becoming downright filthy, ugly, you will meet them now and then, and if you are cursed you will end up living with one, in the same building, same household.

No matter how hard you will try to ignore them they will just watch you like an evil hawk and try to ruin your days, or from a separate angle throw the mud in which they live on your days, to slime it up!

Don’t tangle with them, unless of-course it is the only choice left, and if you do, believe me, they will win because even if they are busted theoretically the mud which will attach itself to your heart, mind, soul will stay for a long, long time, stinking, reeking.

So, again, life taught me this harsh truth, even if pigs gloat human beings should not go into a mud-wrestling with one, should use an umbrella to ward off the inviting, provoking mud balls!



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