170×170 day 56 25.6.15

56 25.6.15

Nothing can be gained by sitting at the shore, that is a thing wise have said again and again and I too believe it. If you really want to do something you have to do it, and face the waves that will hit you, either the waves will have the upper hand or you will have the upper hand, the sailor does not always wins, sometimes the waves laugh the last laugh. But the sailor if not dead becomes a better, mightier sailor, that is how with our lives too, without trying sincerely we will never know if we can do a certain thing, so don’t listen to naysayers, if you want to do something, preferably rational give it your at least hundred percent shot, two hundred won’t be bad, but try not to be less. In the end even if you don’t get the thing you desire you will become a smarter, more experienced person, if stars are favorable then wiser too. No toil is wasted in this earth.



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