Rosemary Roy

Mrs. Rosemary Roy had high hopes for her daughters, Ragini and Krishna, their friends called them Kalnaginis (black mambas) behind their back.

Theirs was a close knitted family, Mrs. Roy, her puppet husband, two daughters and two sons. The sons, the younger one was a scoundrel, the older one was a puppet in his mother’s hands, he simply did not had any will or say against that conniving woman.

No he was not coward or spineless, he was mentally challenged and his mother brought him up like that, from the scratch to play her puppet.

She knew that he will never get a wife, and her rich husband will split the money in equal portions, so she will get two portions after his demise her own and his.

Apart from that, just like Arjun used Shikhandi to kill Dronacharya she used him as her shield to have her ways, her evil jobs were done by him mostly, unknowingly and no one could blame him for saying, doing evil things, things were done and no one was to be blamed.

She married a rich man when he was in his fifties and she was in her twenties.

She was training her daughters to do the same.


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