Thursday Stories 30.7.15

Not very far in same Kolkata Bindu and Dulal were waiting impatiently in a beautifully decorated home. The doorbell rang and the maid opened the door.

Raja came in impeccably dressed, a woman with her. A very beautiful woman.

“How are you?” Bindu asked her lovingly.

“Nice auntie.” she smiled.

“They will be here any time now!” Bindu said a little nervous. As if to confirm her the doorbell rang, she fidgeted a bit but the woman placed her palm on her wrist and smiled.

Raja went to answer the door, stopping the maid, two women were standing outside Raja grinned widely, “Come in! We have been waiting for you!”

“Hello Neha!” Bindu smiled coming out of the kitchen, by the time Raja opened the door she has disappeared in the kitchen, she emerged with the maid carrying a tray of drinks.

“Hello auntie!” Neha smiled, “So this is Jyoti!” she turned to the woman sitting on sofa.

Bindu nodded in consent.

“Kiran…” Neha turned to face her companion, “So this is uncle’s bosom buddy Jyoti, Miss Jyoti Ghosh.”

“You look different from your photograph.” Kiran said.

“That was taken years ago, when I was in my thirties, I don’t share my latest pix on net.” the woman smiled.

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