170×170 day 63 2.7.15

63 2.7.15

Knowing ourselves is not only good for our spiritual health but all sorts of health. We live but some of us, or may be quite a few of us can’t recognize the person they see in the mirror. This is a very bad habit to be allowed, very bad. We don’t know our own strength, virtue, weaknesses and as a result we make bad decisions or worse, destructive decisions.

The best favour we can do to ourselves is knowing ourselves thoroughly, and after that making a clear picture in our mind about the fields in which we will love to change, develop ourselves and the fields which we will not allow anything or anyone to change, other than ourselves of course.

I have always known myself because since teenage I have a clear memory of introspection, I always judged myself, my behavior quite thoroughly, regularly.

By the time I was in my twenties I knew my nature quite well, and that knowledge is still here, I know myself absolutely thoroughly.



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