170×170 day 64 3.7.15

64 3.7.15

Priorities in life, sooner or later the people who lead a normal life come to one or more crossroads where life asks about their priorities, because they have to take the path that will allow those priorities stay in their lives, fully or partially, other important things may be lost.

I firmly believe it is very intelligent to be crystal clear about the things that are essential for you, it differs from people to people, to some it is money, to some it is love or a loved one, never hesitate to weigh it from time to time whether or not it is an essential thing in your life, what if you lose it forever will that destroy you or you will cope with that loss.

Now sometimes life plays jokes, maybe you are obsessed with money but life dangles an amazing thing in front of you but to have it you will have to be poor, what will you do?

If you think that can’t happen, well think twice!



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