170×170 day 68 7.7.15

68 7.7.15

Dream! Why? Because they are the foam padding on the floor which save us from the harsh reality, as we try to maneuver the acrobatics that will lead us through the real world, there is nothing wrong in day dreaming, if you know that they will help you only if you work to make them real and of course the world acts in favour of your toils.

Dreams and day-dreams often dull the blow of disappointment of failure of one project, they instantly pop up the hope balloon that says there are other things to try for, it is but one project.

Apart from that, you can be pretty sure that when man aimed for moon that too was called daydreams of a lunatic!

These days scientists are saying daydreaming and dreaming are signs of intellect and creativity. So you can daydream but do keep your feet on ground, or else they can be absolutely destructive, in place of acting as a cushion they will become quagmire, suck you alive.



3 thoughts on “170×170 day 68 7.7.15

  1. Daydreaming saved me when my daughter was colicky. I could hardly move or breath too loudly lest I wake her up after the hours of rocking it took to get her to sleep. My mind was the only tool at my disposal to stay awake. I would think of ideas for my novel, reminisce in old memories and plan for the future. It was one of the greatest thinking times of my life. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    • boy! it must have been tough! one my friends had a colicky daughter, well, that daughter is all grown up now, working after completing college studies but his stories resemble yours. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things!

      Glad that it is past now, really glad!

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