170×170 day 76 15.7.15

Once upon a time
Dusk and dawn were met
By the sweet tune
Of shehnai at this gate.

Beautiful women
In silk and muslin
Walked in these corridors
Floors glowed with pearly Sheen.

The walls were painted pretty
There was life thriving in
The heart of this mansion
You now may not see anyone.

But if you look closely
You will see, man is gone
He left behind his home
For some reason or none.

But pigeons and doves
A few sparrows and others
Made their home here
Where nature not much bothers.

The old building saves them
From the fury of nature
And in return of that gift
In his heart they life nurture.

Rules of Ballad: I will request you to explore the rules of ballad yourself. I read quite a handful of them and thought that it’s quite a liberal style of poem with varying size of stanzas and other things. Go ahead and explore them. I have zeroed on two things- telling a story, using four line stanzas with rhyming 2nd+4th line.


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