170×170 day 80 19.7.15

Stolen kisses are exchanged under the moon,
Sweeter than honey are those hurried, quick kisses,
Fervently wishing the meetings won’t end so soon
Cursing dawn for coming before passion ceases.

Pantun Rules
1. The form is a single quatrain.

2. The rhyme scheme is a,b,a,b. This does not need to be perfect rhyme.

3. It has a fixed rhythm that it is recited to and as a result the line lengths are fixed between 8 and 12 syllables.

4. Often there is a seeming discontinuity between the first two lines and the second two lines. However on closer examination there is a linkage either in thought or the assonance of the verses.

5. There is usually a lot of allusion to either symbols, proverbs or places that would mean alot to Malay readers.

Happy heart beats attract joy
Even though it may play coy
But at the end it sure gives in
adds its bright colour to scene
pinkish hue on bobbing buoy.
It may sometimes bit toy
but hey sad sailors, look ahoy!
It’s heading steady, signal green
Happy heartbeats!
It never means to annoy
or has any other ploy.
Gets delayed by forces seen
or by the powers unseen.
But the goal for this little boy
happy heartbeats.

Rondeau Rules:
The rondeau is a form of verse also used in English language poetry. It makes use of refrains, repeated according to a certain stylized pattern. It was customarily regarded as a challenge to arrange for these refrains to contribute to the meaning of the poem in as succinct and poignant a manner as possible. The rondeau consists of thirteen lines of eight syllables, plus two refrains (which are half lines, each of four syllables), employing, altogether, only three rhymes. It has three stanzas and its rhyme scheme is as follows: (1) A A B B A (2) A A B with refrain: C (3) A A B B A with concluding refrain C. The refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line.

When you dream of something do it
let others say what they may say
If you want sometthing then have it
Live your days in your own heart’s way
It’s your plate and you should taste it.

Quintilla rules
This is a Spanish form of eight syllable (Iambic Tetrameter) lines. The rhyming scheme can vary in presentation ie a.a.b.b.a, a.b.b.a.a. etc but only two consecutive lines may have the same rhyme scheme.
When we want something
Stars may conspire for us
Or act against us.

Senryu rules- just like haiku 5,7,5 syllables deals with human emotions, especially negative ones.

Stars shine sweetly
Sail down in dew drops
To settle on earth’s heart.

Haiku rules- 5,7,5 syllables deals with nature, and its scenes 


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