Thursday Stories 20.8.15

The original Jyoti was all of sudden surrounded by nightmares, people around her who has seen her for years started to act weird.

Ask her strange questions and raise their eyebrows when she answered them honestly. The grocer who sold her groceries for example suddenly remarked, “You look lovely in that red tee..”

“Which red tee?”

“Oh the one you were wearing when you went by in that black opala?”

“Me in car? You know I don’t have a car or rich friends!”


People started to call on her phone certain that they have met her somewhere! In restaurants and places she did knew nothing about.

Then cops raided someone has complained against her that she was involved in prostitution.

She disappeared from the scene.

Moyna shifted into her place the night she was sent off to jail.

A small news in local papers were published, “suspected prostitute commits suicide in lockup.” no name or details were added.


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