Rosemary Roy 7

The girls were always from some country where English was not the main language, France, Germany, Italy, Gemany, Japan or some other countries, a clever way to disguise their lack of English knowledge, majority of people in India don’t know foreign languages, and if they stumbled upon one who knew the language they avoided that person.

Within a month or two they were given thorough training in English conversation and conversation in the language of the country they were apparently from.

People tend not to judge beautiful faces too harshly, they get away with treachery and trickery with a beautiful smile and ample amount of flirting.

So they sailed smoothly, without much obstacles.

As for Krishna and Ragini they were nightmares, no matter how much they hated those girls they had to bear their presence in every sphere of their life.

It is not at all fun for a woman, especially a young woman to move around with girls who woo all the attention, even from the men they may covet on.

So many times they were approached by men not for themselves but as friends of those beauties!


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