Thursday Stories 10.9.15

“You don’t know” Lata asked then pushed an envelope towards her, she picked it up. It was a wedding invitation, the marriage of Jyoti Ghosh and Raja Sengupta, on the date she was about to join Mumbai office.

The bride will be given away by who else but Bindu and Dulal in a gala ceremony in Grand Hotel.

The earth moved under her feet, she sat down on the sofa heavily. So Lata was right all the time, she was just a puppet in the hands of Das and Senguptas.

“You knew it from the beginning!” Lata tried to comfort her, she could see the coldness creeping in the eyes of her friend. “Don’t do something silly! A well paid job, deliverance from this life and one lakh in bank is not that bad! They will most probably provide you lodging too, later you can request Bindu for break in movies, she might help!”

“You are right!” Moyna said and left within a few minutes, Lata requested her to stay with her for the night but she refused.

She climbed the bus back to home, a man inched close to her, she glared at him the man brazenly grinned back. “Going home?” he asked.

“Do I know you?” she asked coldly.

“Yes dear! We met that night….” the man brazenly winked drawing every single eye in the bus at their direction.

Her face lost all colours and she turned her face away after bluntly refusing in a hollow voice. Half of the passengers in the bus knew her by face and she could feel their eyes judging her expensive dress and make-up.

“Yeah… yeah it is the same girl, I have seen her in disco with a rich lad, dancing and swinging, drunk!” the man said to another man quite loudly. He was not ready to let go!

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