Rosemary Roy 8

“Don’t think that they are your rivals, they are your tools for success!” Dilip has told Krishna once when she was whining to him about his girls and why they will suffer them.

He was right too.

A few years down the road Krishna fell for a movie star, a young man with lots of money, one hit movie and a promising career. But he was obsessed with beauty. He did not cared about money, connections anything, all he wanted was to marry a girl so beautiful that fairies will become jealous of her.

“Rosa, you will have to do a thing for me.” Dilip said, Rosa was one of his favorites.

“Tell me boss!” Rosa looked at him keenly.

“You know Chandan Desai?”

“The movie actor?”

“Yeah… that one, with curly hair and cute smile…” Dilip grinned, “My little sister is obsessed with him but that dandy wants fairies as bride. Make him hate beautiful women so much that he begs Krishna to marry him when she gives her slight hint on his birthday, that will be eight months later, and if the things don’t happen by hook then use crook, record every encounter, give him a trip to paradise but record every encounter and use as many girls as you can, so that he is forced to marry Krishna.”

“As you wish…” she said, “What will I get?”

“Once Krishna marries him she will get a huge access in movie line, so will you girls!” Dilip shrugged.

“Thanks boss!”

“We will have to serve Kalanagini (black serpent)” Rosa called her friend.

They called Krishna Kalanagini because Krishna and Kala both means black, Ragini Lalnagini because she was very fond of red, that is lal in Bengali.


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