Thursday Stories 17.9.15

She could see the man following her as she came out of the bus. Her heart started to beat faster, it was not very late and the street was thronged with people, she gestured a Ricksha to stop and before that man could do any thing else hopped on it.

She called Lata and told her about the incident. “It was supposed to happen, you remember the final days when you were actually convincing people that you are a hooker? Apparently they are convinced!”

“Lay low till you reach Mumbai. Don’t go out too much, only few days are left!”

Moyna literally snuck out of Kolkata.

Her heart was boiling with rage the shrewdness with which Bindu used her to have her way was outrageous. Here she was dreaming how she will win Raja’s heart like movies and make him stay with her and they were making plans of getting rid of her.

Lata called her and informed her about Raja’s marriage and leaving India with his wife, who was Jyoti Ghosh but after changing name became Jackie Desai.

How Bhai’s cousins attended the marriage and showered the couple with expensive gifts from Bhai. Raja’s wife was Bindu’s old friend, a woman who has been their family friend for years.

They left for USA right after marriage.

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