Rosemary Roy 10

Dilip’s girls performed the real miracle on Ragini’s marriage. Ragini was an obsessed fan of a cricketer, not some petty cricketer, a legendary cricketer, who passed half his time playing abroad.

She cyber stalked him, and came to know that he too had a crush, on one of his cyber friends, a friend he has never met.

He had a naïve fixation that gave Ragini the chance to catch him, he wanted the girl to love him as he was, that is, he wanted the girl to first love him as a person and then know that he was a legendary cricketer.

“I will befriend her and you can join us in my home, away from crowd who will recognize you!” she has gallantly offered.

In came Rosa and soon the cricketer realized how better Ragini was, how arrogant, wicked and querulous the girl he liked was in person! How elegant, sweet and understanding Ragini was.

The cricketer never knew that Ragini actually has befriended his cyberlove only to replace her cellphone SIM with a cloned one and monitor all her emails and calls, the calls and emails to and from the cricketer were diverted to Rosa.

The cricketer started to loathe the girl he once loved, and then to teach her a lesson he married Ragini and invited Rosa in marriage, Rosa showed up with a handsome man in her arms to show him she never loved him.


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