Thursday Stories 8.10.15

rangoli 26.9.15 IMG_0003

She sat down with the heaps of flowers, ripping them one by one, they were already sorted by colours, now came the real part.

The painting was already done on the ground, she filled them up with the petals and the rangoli was ready. She had seen the priest doing it in her ancestral home, when she was a young girl, there in Bengal it was to be done by the priest, they could not enter that area, it was reserved for the priests, other had to stay out and stretch their hands to give things they required. 😉

He used to create very beautiful ones too, preferred red and yellow most. Most probably because these two colours are instantly attached to women, especially married women and Mother Goddess Durga certainly is one.

In Bengal they, the girls and ladies of the families used to paint alpana, with rice paste and colours, on the floor, outside doors and in the entire floor of the room where Goddess Laxmi’s symbol, the pitcher of paddy was kept.

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