Sunday Sundrops 11.10.15

blue butterfly Golconda fort 23.8.15 IMG_0477 FS

She could barely believe her eyes! She read the letter again and again and finally it started to settle down in her heart! Her novel has won the award! She never thought it will, not even in her craziest dream, she loved writing, it was her passion but she never thought that she was hi fi, forget about talented!

For years she has tried one competition after the other, one publishing house after the other with the same result, “Sorry, your story is good…”

Now, when she was thinking about stopping it she won!

It reminded her of that blue butterfly, for days she has been trying to capture it, it was too frivolous, just wont stay at the same place.

Then that morning she came out with her camera, as always and he was sitting, right beside the garden path on the grass! she took half a dozen shots but he just stayed there, smug and cool! Flew away a few minutes later.

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