barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja

This is book 2, this one is not bilingual, it is in English, fully.

Agnijaat and Agnishatdal

While writing the first book I realized that people like Troy who know very little about Bengal will need this one, the description of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, so I just shared my experiences, only experiences of Durgapuja and Kalipuja, have not been to any other Durgapuja or Kalipuja outside Kamalpur (since leaving it finally on 1998), just never felt like it, have taken a peek or two from outside the pandals but that’s all, after being a part of actual puja panadal pujas are so childish.

This year was exceptionally good, because as you know I am still in Hyderabad and as a result nostalgia stayed away from heart, and I quite liked that.

This book is totally in English and no poems in it, only the experiences shared, explaining some things too.

barir pujo durgapuja and kalipuja- it is absolutely filled with colour illustrations and is in kindle only…

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