Thursday Stories 17.12.15

The pond has dried, the temple was slowly crumbling down to ground. But in the still of the night people passing by heard a sweet voice, singing devotional songs. Some quickened their paces, some slowed down to hear a bit more, but those who tried to see the singer … saw nothing but heard the song anyways, as if the singer was invisible.

Their hearts were moved by the pain of the voice. Then one day it stopped. No one knew what happened but the old well under the temple.

A very arrogant priest once handled the affair of the temple, he offended the king, the king threw him in the well and covered it up with marble overnight.

The deity felt mercy on him and changed him into a frog, a frog that could speak, he at first tried to call people, requesting them to liberate him but that only scared them away and the temple was deserted real soon.

When he realized that there was no freedom he passed his time praying, singing, hoping death will come soon…. it took hundreds of years but when it came he went straight to heaven to become the deity’s bard.


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