Which monster this time?

Is it wordpress acting insane? I can see that during my stay in Hyderabad, when I was mostly out of internet accessibility a lot has changed in wordpress, too many to ignore, is it acting funny? Ever since I got a decent internet service provider and am entering wordpress using it the computer is crashing fifty times. I cant open four blogs together, I cant read the posts in reader’s list…. I cant open my own blog to check out the posts… everything seems to be triggering a “normal shut down”!

Is it my **** computer?

Or is it one and only one windows?

Is anyone else having problems? Today morning when I used my lousy internet connection to work in google for quite sometime it of course worked lousily, as lousily it could but the computer did not crashed, it pulled through!

Somehow I am suspicious that it is wordpress… any ideas?


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