create/write for Agnishatdal the Ezine.


Well I am trying to divert my energy to this creation, because it did not ebbed away with time it just is looking for new forms to express itself.

This magazine will be my new child, it’s main tune of course will be India, Bengal, I will be covering that portion, if you want to contribute your works as guest writers (they will go by your names) feel free to send your works (AFTER COPYRIGHTING) to my email id, if you don’t get answer do ask me don’t think I am too busy to respond. I never am! But my gmail accounts love to send important mails to junk and in the past have made me lose quite a few chances. So ensure please…

but please do remember a few things as you write or create-

This blog has no place for blind hatred- if you truly believe that the entire human race worships the same God in different ways, by different names and religions are just “ways of lives” created by human beings only, they have both- good and bad in them, all of them then this is the right spot for you. If you write about sensitive issues be absolutely honest! No bluffs only honest, backed by fact words or simply adding in the top that it is your personal opinion. Even then, me and you may end up discussing a bit before that writing goes to magazine. For last three months I have been reading so much bluffs in internet that I am sick to my teeth with them, I will most probably find out bluffs from truth and start asking questions. So…let’s create a magazine where every human being joins as an earthling who loves (most of the times) his/her own religion, country and shares his/her honest opinions or just shares his/her creativity.

1. Right now I am planning to simply send the pdf file in good old fashioned way (that is my prime idea too, to give it a look of book, the old magazines I so loved), or maybe I will use the help of some site like amazon or completely novel. To have a paypal button in India (which loves to destroy every chance of making money by your own merit and power) you will have to have a bank account and a permanent account number- I don’t have any of these. But I can still send my subscribers pdf files, if their number crosses 1000 then I will hire someone and open a bank account 😉

2. This is a magazine for those who can love their own culture and criticize it. May not love other cultures but don’t criticize them, in gist no bashing of “religion, God, countries (other than your own, the one you are residing it I mean). But when you are bashing you will clearly mention the facts if it is an article or say that this is your personal opinion.

My goal behind this magazine is very clear- to share the beautiful past of my glorious country, region and honestly criticize very angrily the way She is being led by greedy, corrupted children of present time!

You can write anything you want. But I want to create something that will upgrade itself to a classic, so keep that in mind when you write!

Without least hesitation I can say, Bengalis will know, my ideal magazine is “Sandesh” I grew up reading as a child. I will try to create that touch in Agnishatdal.

3. The magazine will be published on 1st of every Bengali month, that will be in the middle of English months.

4. It will contain private essays, paintings, photographs, stories, if you want you can send cartoons too. Copyright your works before sending them to me for publishing.

5. It will be published on the net (partially) the full magazine will be available in pdf form, after payment of 1$

6. If you want to advertise in good old fashioned way, that is the print-like way, no urls etc. I mean feel free to contact me with your contents. They will be shown in the magazine available for web viewers and will be included in the pdf file for 1$ each page, every month.

7. The first copy will be published on 1st Shravan, and thereafter it will come every 1st day of Bengali month.

Wish me luck and join me!


agnishatdal the ezine


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