Agrahayan (November) Agnishatdal and Agnijaat were published on 17.11.16


Grab your issues from :

I guess you guys already know that the issues upto Ashwin, September is now available in Amazon, selected parts, as ebooks.

Also Know that Agrahayan, November Issue was published on 17th November.

The authors of the 17th November, Agrahayan issue are:

Now the repeat telecast, if you want a copy of the ezine(s) mail me, in and send a copy to, I will send you a copy (ies) if you promise me a review/critique.

You can do me a big time favour by posting that in your blog, that will be so cool! Or simply in the page of the concerned Ezine-

If you want to make me happier by buying the first quarterly:



The pages of Agrahayan Issue (17th November) Writers:


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