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Thursday Stories 15.3.18 the skeleton 1

The skeleton

He stood there, musing. “Why did they build this room? It’s so small, useless, and ugly. Its walls say that it was without any decoration even in past.”

“Yes.” Mahim consented. An ugly little stuffy room attached to the Baron’s chamber.

Krishan entered the room, now the room was really packed, there was hardly any space left for movement. He looked at one of the corners of the room, “What is that?” he reached out his hand to touch a small statue jutting out of the wall. A deep moan escaped from the walls as it slowly, painfully slid to make a gap.

There was a flight of stairs descending. They exchanged a glance that showed that their puzzles were solved in a second.

They were three inseparable friends, after completing studies they started a business, they bought houses available at a reasonable rate, restored them and sold them. This house was sold at a very tempting price by the last member of an old, aristocratic family. He sold it and donated the price to charity before passing away.

“We will need flashlights and sticks, may be masks too. Heaven only knows since when it has been locked up.” Bankim remarked.

They returned equipped. The stair was covered with thick curtains of cobweb; they started their slow cautious descent. It appeared that the stairs were intact.

They reached a huge hall after countless steps; the hall was underground, because the descent was almost endless and there was no space in the palace that might have hidden this huge hall.

The place was musky and damp but in a surprisingly well condition.

“Apparently the room was well used and well made.” Mahim commented.

He turned when he did not hear any response and saw none was around, Krishan and Bankim were busy; in their private journey of explorations.

Apparently it was the king’s pleasure chamber, there were chandeliers and statues littered all over the place, that is placed properly but covered with cobwebs. As none has trespassed here but spiders and other insects they were right where they were left by the maids after last dusting.

… be continued…


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