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Thursday Stories 29.3.18 the skeleton 3

The skeleton

She was Henry, his brother’s fiancé; that is their marriage was fixed when they were babies; she went to France to live with her aunt. Henry received his education and grooming from London to become the next heir of their not so little Manor.

He met her when he was studying arts in Paris, he tried hard but he fell in love. He and Henry were really close, so he asked for his forgiveness and he gladly accepted his love for her and said he will see that the lovers meet in altar.

Then she came to visit them and everything changed. He could not guess it then. He guessed it on that very fateful night. Henry called him inside his private chamber, “She wants to see you for a while, as father is not aware of your relationship you should meet her in stealth for a while. Or else the scandal will be horrible.” He said with a sweet smile. His dark eyes expertly covered his intention.

“Follow me!” he entered a small room attached to his bedroom. There were paintings on its wall, he removed one of them, and pressed a small lever.

He saw another shadow, it was Daniel. “You robbed me off great fortune my friend. He laughed in a hushed tone. My sister was about to marry the Baron, and I was hoping a knighthood.”

“She lost her heart to a commoner. Ha! What a girl!” he winked. “Well, don’t look so sad, it does not matter to me at all, which of my dearest friends won my little sister’s heart.”

They descended the stairs one after the other. “This room is beautiful brother!”He could not resist his pleasant surprise.

“Thanks. You remember Ana Maria, my French tutor? She decorated this with her own hands.” There was a twinkle in Henry’s eyes.

“Would you mind if I enjoy the luxury of your room for a while?” He asked after noting the huge collection of books and artifacts.

“Go ahead. Miranda will be meeting you here after dinner.” They left after spending some time with him. He stayed back and requested Henry to make an excuse for his absence in dinner table. He was eagerly waiting for Miranda. It’s been months since he met her.

————- to be continued……


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