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Thursday Stories 5.4.18 the skeleton 4 (final)

The skeleton

A young maid came down with his dinner. He took his dinner and stretched on the bed. Soon he was in deep slumber, he snapped out of it when he heard a commotion in the room. Miranda was standing on the stair, a candle was lying on the floor; its golden flame licking the marble floor; her sweet face was white with anguish and pain. She was staring at a place beside him; he turned and saw a young woman lying there; her bare shoulder visible from under the satin spread.

He tried to stop her but his mouth was dry; the girl woke up and quickly came out of the bed, grabbed a robe and bolted right on the heel of disappearing Miranda.

He tried to follow her but the door was closed. He banged on the wall, hoping Henry or Daniel will hear. Then he inhaled the sweet, intoxicating scent …. He lost his senses within a few minute.

He woke up after a while. His body was as fresh as new but he was feeling absolutely weightless, then he realized he was watching himself sprawling on the stairs. The door opened. Chris and Daniel entered.

“It worked perfectly fine. I told you a girl like Miranda will not tolerate infidelity; that too with a maid.” Daniel said. “After all, she gave up everything for him, the title, the money, luxury and what not.”

“Thanks brother. I will never forget this gesture.” Henry said.

They lifted the body and placed it on the bed. Then they left the room, he followed them. Henry removed the lever from its place and Daniel smoothly plastered the place.

They left the room. He snapped out of his daze. He was standing in the main room, facing the small room’s door. He entered the room and looked at the corner, where the lever was, there was nothing. A smooth wall was waiting for him.

He searched the room from top to bottom, there was nothing; he came downstairs, looking for Bankim and Krishan.

They could not be found anywhere. No one saw them leaving the manor, they just vanished from earth.

Sharmishtha Basu


A bookworm transformed into an addicted writer. I love to write and illustrate them myself. By love I mean love, no half-hearted relationship, a full-fledged, passionate love, I can’t pass two days in a stretch without writing/painting (cyber), just feel empty like lovers do when their lovers are away on a tour! Even though I am thoroughly enjoying self-publishing with amazon, but if you like my work and want to publish my works in your magazine, books or better if you want to publish a book of my works please make me very happy by contacting me. Or if you want to sell my works on commission basis only!! contact me, I will be quite relieved. Honestly writing and selling your own work is a very BORING combination. So you are more than welcome! Mail me, or go to- my blog (I have 16 blogs in wordpress, all active, some on daily basis, every one on weekly basis screaming and vowing my LOVE for writing and painting- this one is first-born, so special) (You will get the link to my remaining blogs there) or you can check out my ezines- monthly- And if you want fb you can go to my page, linkedin- my email id and I am in goodreads and completelynovel too I guess I said enough about myself, right? You will forget if I stuff too much here, so if you are curious to know this humble creature just join me in my blogs :)

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